Monday, February 28, 2011

Prezi is Fantastic!

Hi guys! I know neither Alli or I have posted for a few days, my apologies for the both of us. This past weekend was a very busy one because we had out Winter Dance and then Oscars night last night! I will try to post tomorrow night about my dress to the dance as well as my thoughts on some of the Oscars outfits.
For the mean, enjoy a Prezi (the zooming presentation) about Christian Dior! French lovers will love this because it is all in French (sorry non-French speakers.) But for all that do speak and read French, my presentation gives a brief description of Dior's life as well as his fashion house under the direction of both him and John Galliano. Included are some fabulous pictures taken from both the 50's as well as now :)
Au Revoir!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mary Katrantzou

This woman is fantastic; her designs are beautifully structured and the many different, bright prints she uses for her outfits work so well together it makes me cry tears of happiness. The structure of each design rivals Balenciaga's beautiful spring 2008 collection. As you go through each photo taken for her fall 2011 collection, you see a completely new look. The prints remind me of Ukranian eggs, Japenese and Chinese prints, and other various prints from around the world. This collection is definitely a global one that belongs in a museum. My question is though, did she print onto silk, or is there embroidery work done on the pieces? You can not tell from the photos. Here are some from the fantastic collection:

I love her work and cannot wait to see more collections!

80's Themes are Fantastic!!!

This past weekend, my friend had a party at her house and we were SUPPOSED to watch, "The Breakfast Club", the classic 80's film, but alas, we did not and instead went to Perkins. But here's what I wore for the occasion:

It was too cold to wear a skirt and tights, and I was walking to my friend's house, so I channeled the 80's and not necessarily "The Breakfast Club". I'm wearing:
My mom's "Michael Jackson" jacket from the 80's, black skinny jeans from H&M, and my cowgirl boots. Inspiration comes from:

"The Breakfast Club" gang, Molly Ringwald, Michael Jackson in his famous red jacket, Marc Jacobs grunge for Perry Ellis 1992.

The other day, I was looking at my wall of pictures, and my collage from my planner cover a few years ago caught my eye. Thought it would be fun to put on the blog, since collages include a lot of cool pictures in one. Unfortunately, I was unable to flip the picture the right way..... But here it is anyways!

If you are a very determined person and flip your computer to the side in order to view the collage, you will be able to see Adam Ant, Aygness Deyn, Sasha Pivovarova and Dhani Harrison, Bjork, Chanel, The Strokes, and various other pictures. I'll post more covers later, but I still can't get over how bright and colorful this collage is. Whenever I would look at it, even on the worst days at school, it would cheer me up.

Next picture is of me, early in the morning at school drinking hot mango black tea from Caribou Coffee.

I'm wearing an H&M tweed coat, H&M pink scarf, my iPod headphones, and the headband was knitted by yours truly out of really fantastic yarn that is dyed pink, blue, and purple. It really helps to keep my ears warm in this cold, Minnesnowta weather.
Speaking of Minnesota, here's the link to a really awesome song by rap group Atmosphere called "Shh". Enjoy!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Pocketful of Sunshine

Hello there! So, since it has been snowing like crizazy in Minnesota today and yesterday, i would just like to remind everyone, THE SUN EXISTS!! its just hidden, behind lots and lots and lots of clouds. Anyway, a few days ago i went shopping and wore (if i do say so myself) a cute outfit.  Here it is:

Shirt handed down from my neighbor
J. Crew sweater
forever 21 skirt
boots  and belt from my mom

I'll be wearing some of the items I bought in the next couple weeks, so keep your eye out! (Nora and I have a full week out of uniform, so we'll be posting a lot of fun outfits (: )So, if you are caught in the middle of a snowstorm, or if you're enjoying some warm weather, stay happy and healthy this spring!

XOXO, Alli

Borrowing from the Ballerinas

Yep, ballet is in. Designers from everywhere are pouncing on the trend, especially after the movie "Black Swan" became such a big box office hit.

The costumes from the movie were designed by none other than the wonderful Rodarte, my personal obsession.

Myself, a ballet dancer, I was impressed with the movie's ability to turn Natalie Portman into an acceptable-looking dancer for the movie. Now I know its a touchy subject, a nondancer playing a dancer, but come on, the woman had 5 months to study ballet, I'd say she did a good job getting as far as she did in the little time she had. 

Either way, the costumes for this movie were INCREDIBLE!! The newfound inspiration from ballet that is now in many designer's looks is great, too! Lets hope it keeps the arts alive in this time of recession. 

Here's a picture of a fashion/ballet cooperative work done by Boston Ballet in 2009. 

They had dancers model looks from designers to earn money for both the designers and for Boston Ballet. 

Like I said, designers are all catching on to the trend. Here are some more looks that are ballet-inspired. These are from Russian Vogue.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Haven't posted for a few days....

My friend Marie and I made this plan in December to, on our next out of uniform, switch outfits. Our styles or the complete opposites: I like to dress up in many different, stylish creations; she likes to dress down and wear comfortable sweats. We each carefully planned out what we wanted the other to wear, and this was our result:

I am in her St. Thomas Academy Sweatshirt, cut-off sweats, soccer shorts, French Fry Stand hat (backwards like a Lax Bro,) and UGG slippers. Not only did I wear the all gray-on-gray outfit, but I also could NOT wash or brush my hair for three days. My hair was teased and put into a messy bun on Wednesday, and was perfect by Friday. It didn't really matter to me that I didn't maintain my hair for that long because my school is all-girls and so there are no guys around and no need for me to try.

Marie, on the other hand, did have to try on Friday. Not only did she have to wash her hair, but she had to put on make-up and light pink lipstick. She also had to wear the outfit that I had picked out for her, which was my Grandmother's Khaki, high-waisted, 1940's style pants, a Michael Kors white button down, my grandfather's Liberty Floral Tie, Wanted black Oxford shoes, and a Kimchi Blue Cloche Hat. I think the whole outfit turned out pretty well. Here's where some of my inspiration came from:

Zoot suit, Sasha Pivovarova for H&M fall collection, Katherine Heoburn, Liberty Floral, Erte, New Year's Post Card.

All in all, it was a really fun day. We both worked on walks and styles of talking to imitate each other so that if you walking down the hall behind Marie or I, you'd get confused and think it was the other person.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Everlasting Sprout, AKA my new love

Japanese fashion designers Keiichi Muramatsu and Noriko Seki, both born in 1981, graduated from Tokyo’s famed Bunka Fukusou Gakuin where they took the Knit Design Course. Seki went to work as a freelance designer in Tokyo, while Muramatsu sought his way abroad as an assistant designer at the yarn company Lineapiu Group in Florence, Italy.

In 2005, the two founded the Tokyo based label everlasting sprout. They presented their first collection at Japan Fashion Week S/S 2005.

The two designers create very difficult knitwear and also work as costume designers and knitwear consultants. Mass-producing knitwear is notoriously difficult. This makes everlasting sprout creations extremely unique. They go as far as spending a week on a single garment.

I love the knitwear and the textured look it has. Their use of different fabrics for it is brilliant. I'm wondering if they sell patterns because I knit and I'd love to recreate something of theirs for myself! I really want to recreate an outfit of there's... gonna have to go search through all of my mom's old sweaters...

<3 Nora

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Convent fashion...

So last night, I looked up Convent fashion on google and found some pretty fantastic pictures.

This one is pretty interesting, and you're all probably wondering if the nuns at my school smoke or if any of the girls do, and neither do not. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Love this one from the 50's. This and the next picture are actually taken at a convent.

Love the 50's styles of dresses and the fabric prints. And I love the big floppy hat; finishes off the whole outfit :)

We had a study, so I looked up "cool fashion designs" on google to see what would come up, and found these marvelous pictures:
Japanese Label "Everlasting Sprout". I love all the colors and the different textures used in these creations.


Swahili fashion Week in Dar es Salaam

This nail art reminds me of Tibetan mandalas.

Ron Sombilon Photos.

Well, I hoped these crisp photos inspired you! I know they inspired me :)
Ta ta for now!
<3 Nora


Hello all!! Happy Single Celebration Day!

Yeah, I dont really want to talk about Valentine's day today.... Anywhooo Nora and I were in class today, just surfing the web, and we found this really great picture

Actually, though. GET ME THESE SHOES!! they are probably the coolest things i have ever seen. One drawback: they're made out of paper!!! 

So i was feeling inspired by this paper clothing and decided to try and find more. Look at this dress created by Mauricio Velasquez Posada:

Too bad you can't actually wear this. that would be so cool. I found another dress make with paper too, but this one looks a little more wearable than the crisp one above!

I hope all of you readers had a wonderful Single Celebration Day! My heart goes out to all of you, be my valentine!