Monday, May 9, 2011

Itching for Summer...

Today was such a gorgeous day; I woke up to a thunderstorm complete with loud crashes of thunder and lightening and buckets of rain. It was absolutely magical. It took me such a long time to get out of bed because of it, I almost missed my bus (oops!)
And then after the storm, it cleared up and the earth smelled so wonderful. It smelled like flowers, leaves, dirt, humidity, rain, everything the earth is supposed to smell like only intensified because of the rain.
But.... instead of enjoying this loveliness outside, I was stuck inside and being forced to dream of summer and playing the harmonica on the lawn.
Here are some photos to show my angst and love :) Floral is really speaking to me right now...

Yep! I did get this next picture from another blog! You caught me! But.... I found it on google images and not on the blog, so I feel like I'm ok... Anyways, the floral and pastels in this picture is really refreshing.

Had to put some Marie Anntoinette photos up! This post would feel incomplete with these!
Marie Anntoinette

Only a few weeks left of school! I hope I can make it!

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