Sunday, May 8, 2011

Love, Art, and Other Laughs

These past two weekends have both been taken up with high school dances, Prom and Military Ball. At these dances, I didn't take any photographs. Yes, I had photos of my date and I together, but these photos were taken by someone else and not me. I found this rather sad and depressing. I rarely ever take photos when I should be documenting every little detail of my youth! So, I decided today, that I would take one picture every day. It can be more, but I'm starting out with just one. High school should have all these great photos of me doing crazy things and living each day to the fullest, but these pictures are taken by my eyes and stored in my memory and one day this will disappear and so will Nora Rickey. That's my biggest fear: one day being forgotten. So, I've decided that I will not be forgotten; I will be remembered by many.


Moving on....
Alli b and I went to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts to see a Titian show a few weeks ago with two other girlfriends and then met up at this fabulous, hipster restaurant called Shish with some guy friends. Truly one of the BEST days of my life :) We all got dressed up for the adventure, but unfortunately I only got some snapshots of Alli and I out in the rain. But before I show those, here's my favorite painting from the show.
The first one is titled, "Venetian Women at their Toilet” and it depicts two Venetian Courtesans getting ready. I just love how Titian painted their skin. It looks so soft and beautiful; it's truly amazing to see close-up and in person.

The next painting is titled, "Venus Anadyomene". Again, in this painting, the skin is absolutely beautiful. I also love how there's this light blue halo surrounding her body. It's very beautiful to look at, and adds all the emphasis on Venus.

Now, with the clothing!
Here's Alli and I in the rain, wearing absolutely fabulous outfits. I can only document for my clothes, but maybe Alli will tell all about hers.

Forever21 floral top
Irish Tweed Jacket that was my mothers
J. Peterman pants
Melie Bianco Turqouise Purse

I just love taking pictures in the rain! They turn out so cool!

Sad story:
I've had to retire my favorite Purse, the Melie Bianco one, because it's beginning to fall apart. I've had that purse since my freshman year in high school and I love it dearly. It's so funny, a woman's relationship with her purse. I've got a deep one with that purse. Oh well, I went purse shopping and found a beautiful black, woven leather replacement. Pictures will be coming soon...


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