Thursday, April 28, 2011

50's Grunge

Hi everyone! Yeah.... Neither I nor Alli have blogged in a really really really long time.... I have excuses, but they all aren't good enough.

So, I discovered this fantastic site called I love collaging, and this site is a form of collaging because you can put all these fantastic pictures together to make one awesome collage/ set! I had a lot of fun picking from a million different pictures under different categories like dresses, shoes, pants, etc... to make one great collage of clothes that I would wear!
In this collage, there are a bunch of different pictures. What I would do is put the 50s floral dress with the jean jacket, boots, and buddha necklace to make a cute outfit that is very unique. I would also replace the jacket with the turquoise cardigan, and then the dress with the top and pants.
The top and the pants together kind of reminded me of Audrey Hepburn in the scene in "Funny Face" when she is posing as a fisherwoman on the Seine river for the camera.

Now, here's my question to anyone who reads this: would these pieces make two different, cute outfits? Or was I totally off... I could only go by the pictures and not how they all look together, but in my imagination they worked together beautifully. Please let me know your opinion!
Well, I'm off to study for a HUGE AP US History exam next week. For all of you taking AP exams in the next two weeks, I wish you luck!

Love Nora

Tea party dress
425 GBP -

3 1 Phillip Lim short sleeve top
$550 -

Sheer top
$79 -

TopShop cropped jacket
$80 -

Dorothy Perkins tapered pants
28 GBP -

Studded boot
449 EUR -

$45 -

Rebecca Minkoff tote bag
$495 -

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