Thursday, March 17, 2011

Apologies, Love, and Gratitude

Hi there, everyone!! Our apologies for leaving you hanging for so long. Nora and I have been ridiculously busy as of late. Nora is out on the East Coast visiting colleges!! I'm sure she will give a full report when she returns. However, as I am stuck here in Minnesota over spring break, I've found some interesting things to do. I've spent a lot of time with friends as well as frequented my yoga studio and ballet. Yesterday I went shopping! Unfortunately, I don't have a picture worth showing for this trip, seeing as I was tired and had big circles under my eyes from this whole daylight savings thing...

I do, however, have pictures of what I'm wearing today, including several new items :)
Shirt, jacket and necklaces from forever 21 
Jeans from Nordstroms
shoes from target
bag from t.j. maxx

I'm in love with this jacket. its just enough military with just enough hipster to be perfect for me, because I can't do too much structure in a jacket. I'm a dancer, so I love to be able to move and be comfortable in my clothes. The beads are my new favorite thing, i got them to wear with my dress for the school dance and I find that I have been putting them in many of my recent outfits!

The shoes. Lemme just talk about how far $15 can get you. They are beyond comfortable and so cute! I found them in the back of a clearance pile at Target in oh say, September, and it was love. I'm so happy spring is here and I can wear them without tights!! (Obviously, the snow is still melting, but its getting there, ok?)

Finally, the jeans. Now, I'm not really a jeans person. I really prefer leggings or skirts to a pair of tight jeans, but these ones are actually so comfortable, minus the fact that they fit my thighs but not my hips. Wait, what hips? Yeah, thats what I'm talking about. Sometimes being tiny and dangerous has its drawbacks.

So anyways, I tried to put a little green in my outfit for St. Patty's Day, and I think I succeeded without being obnoxious. 

Anywhoo, our apologies for being out of touch recently, we're getting back to our blogging kick as soon as spring break is over!! We love you all!

xoxo, Alli

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