Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Highschool Dance

So, as I'm sure you understand, high school dances can be a bit.. ummm. Awkward.

Lets just say that this past weekend was a little bit of that for me, but I got over it. The more important thing about the dance Nora and I attended this weekend was what we wore. I'm going to let her explain to you her dress (which I absolutely ADORED. She looked so beautiful), but I have to show you  mine.
Vintage Dress
Forever 21 Neclaces
BCBG shoes

So, if you havent been able to tell from this blog already, I am in love with vintage clothing. This dress was actually a hand me down from my neighbor, and she bought it at a vintage store. I saw the feathers and just about dieddd I loved it so much. (Sure the feathers aren't as intense as say, Alexander Wang's Fall 2011 rtw, but they look AWESOME)

I have to go study for an AP US History test... Wish me luck...


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