Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Winter Dance!

So sorry I haven't blogged in about a week or so, it's just been really chaotic in my life with the quarter ending and I got this horrible cold that is still with me.
Anyways, enough about me (ha ha ha.) The last weekend in February was my school's Winter dance. The week leading up to the dance was our winter week, and the theme this year was board games. Each day had a dress up day theme, and my favorite day was definitely "Guess Who". I of course dressed up as my old history teacher, Mr. Sandell, who has the best fashion for a guy I've seen in a while. He's always dressing in tweeds, corduroy, button-down shirts, and my favorite days are when he wears his all-stars. But anyways, I dressed up like him, Alli dressed up like our french teacher, and our friend Grace dressed up like our chemistry teacher.
Here we are:

I'm doing the quintessential Mr. Sandell smile: stand on tip-toes and lean back, so great!
It was real fun because then Alli and I sat with the infamous boys club for lunch. The boys club is made up of the six high school teachers, and they all go into a spare room and have lunch together. They are like "Fight Club" because the first rule of the boys club is that you don't talk about the boys club. Basically, it was a really big deal Alli and I ate lunch with them.

Now here's some pictures from the dance:

My date Maxfield and I.

My friend Molly and I.

On me:
Vintage Ungaro dress from the 80's
Marichi Mani heels

There you are!
<3 Nora

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