Monday, February 28, 2011

Prezi is Fantastic!

Hi guys! I know neither Alli or I have posted for a few days, my apologies for the both of us. This past weekend was a very busy one because we had out Winter Dance and then Oscars night last night! I will try to post tomorrow night about my dress to the dance as well as my thoughts on some of the Oscars outfits.
For the mean, enjoy a Prezi (the zooming presentation) about Christian Dior! French lovers will love this because it is all in French (sorry non-French speakers.) But for all that do speak and read French, my presentation gives a brief description of Dior's life as well as his fashion house under the direction of both him and John Galliano. Included are some fabulous pictures taken from both the 50's as well as now :)
Au Revoir!

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