Saturday, February 19, 2011

Haven't posted for a few days....

My friend Marie and I made this plan in December to, on our next out of uniform, switch outfits. Our styles or the complete opposites: I like to dress up in many different, stylish creations; she likes to dress down and wear comfortable sweats. We each carefully planned out what we wanted the other to wear, and this was our result:

I am in her St. Thomas Academy Sweatshirt, cut-off sweats, soccer shorts, French Fry Stand hat (backwards like a Lax Bro,) and UGG slippers. Not only did I wear the all gray-on-gray outfit, but I also could NOT wash or brush my hair for three days. My hair was teased and put into a messy bun on Wednesday, and was perfect by Friday. It didn't really matter to me that I didn't maintain my hair for that long because my school is all-girls and so there are no guys around and no need for me to try.

Marie, on the other hand, did have to try on Friday. Not only did she have to wash her hair, but she had to put on make-up and light pink lipstick. She also had to wear the outfit that I had picked out for her, which was my Grandmother's Khaki, high-waisted, 1940's style pants, a Michael Kors white button down, my grandfather's Liberty Floral Tie, Wanted black Oxford shoes, and a Kimchi Blue Cloche Hat. I think the whole outfit turned out pretty well. Here's where some of my inspiration came from:

Zoot suit, Sasha Pivovarova for H&M fall collection, Katherine Heoburn, Liberty Floral, Erte, New Year's Post Card.

All in all, it was a really fun day. We both worked on walks and styles of talking to imitate each other so that if you walking down the hall behind Marie or I, you'd get confused and think it was the other person.

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