Saturday, February 12, 2011

So, along with Dior as one of my fashion obsessions, my other two would be vintage and Marie Antoinette. The other day I was on Urban Outfitters' website and I found this fabulous article on how to make a Marie Antoinette pompadour. This one isn't as high as the fabulous Marie's could get, but it's a really nice look and I'm considering if for future outfits. I challenge all readers to make one and send pictures!

Here's the link to the website:

I was recently in a my school's winter dance show titled "Alice in Wacky Wonderland". The students choreographed dances based around the fabulous classic and then danced in them. One of the dances was about the Queen of Hearts, and since I was the costumer for this show, I decided to do the hair for the girl who played the queen! And guess what I did???? I gave her a pompadour! (Of course.) Here it is in the making and final product:

You can't really see how high it was, but I got her hair to be about 6" tall. I was pretty proud of it, lets just say :)

So Alli and I go to an all girls school, and we wear uniforms. But on out of uniform days, I like to treat myself to dressing up. Here's what I wore this OOU:

Old Laredo riding boots
UK Penney's Dress
Forever 21 grey tights
Smart Wool socks
JCrew belt
Grandmother's peacock earrings

My friend Grace was toting some fabulous Manitoba moccasins; I think you'll all agree :)

So though I wear a uniform for the most of my time, I'm not fully deprived from wearing cute clothes.
AP US History reading is calling my name.....

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