Friday, February 11, 2011

Waiting (not so) Patiently for Spring...

Hello all!!

Today was an out of uniform day at school, so all of us fashionistas took it upon ourselves to dress for the wintry weather.... not. I saw countless outfits full of spring colors, light blues, greens, and pinks; however, many were laced with the solid colors of winter: black, grey, and brown. I guess my outfit too was begging for spring, because I so desperately wanted to wear this green lacy skirt. Paired with some vintage items, I'd say it worked pretty well!
green lacy skirt - forever 21
grey t-shirt - target
vintage leather jacket
vintage booties
capezio tights

Such a classy picture... I know I have a future in modeling, all 5'3" of me... I thought the braids were a nice touch, throwing in a little runway inspiration (although I wish I could weave my hair like in the Alexander McQueen show)... Here's a detail of the boots which I am IN LOVE with and will never give them back to my mother.
Mine are the ones on the right, Nora's on the left :)

Nora wanted me to use this as the outfit picture, so I'm adding it, although I think I look like a possessed rabbit in it... I guess it shows my true self!! :)

So.. thats all for now seeing as the ACT is tomorrow and I gotta get some Z's!

XOXO Allison

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