Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mary Katrantzou

This woman is fantastic; her designs are beautifully structured and the many different, bright prints she uses for her outfits work so well together it makes me cry tears of happiness. The structure of each design rivals Balenciaga's beautiful spring 2008 collection. As you go through each photo taken for her fall 2011 collection, you see a completely new look. The prints remind me of Ukranian eggs, Japenese and Chinese prints, and other various prints from around the world. This collection is definitely a global one that belongs in a museum. My question is though, did she print onto silk, or is there embroidery work done on the pieces? You can not tell from the photos. Here are some from the fantastic collection:

I love her work and cannot wait to see more collections!


  1. It's so gorgeous, reminds me of Philosophy with the easter egg theme! Hope you visit back :)

  2. Ah this is a beautiful collection!