Monday, February 21, 2011

Borrowing from the Ballerinas

Yep, ballet is in. Designers from everywhere are pouncing on the trend, especially after the movie "Black Swan" became such a big box office hit.

The costumes from the movie were designed by none other than the wonderful Rodarte, my personal obsession.

Myself, a ballet dancer, I was impressed with the movie's ability to turn Natalie Portman into an acceptable-looking dancer for the movie. Now I know its a touchy subject, a nondancer playing a dancer, but come on, the woman had 5 months to study ballet, I'd say she did a good job getting as far as she did in the little time she had. 

Either way, the costumes for this movie were INCREDIBLE!! The newfound inspiration from ballet that is now in many designer's looks is great, too! Lets hope it keeps the arts alive in this time of recession. 

Here's a picture of a fashion/ballet cooperative work done by Boston Ballet in 2009. 

They had dancers model looks from designers to earn money for both the designers and for Boston Ballet. 

Like I said, designers are all catching on to the trend. Here are some more looks that are ballet-inspired. These are from Russian Vogue.


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