Monday, February 14, 2011

The Convent fashion...

So last night, I looked up Convent fashion on google and found some pretty fantastic pictures.

This one is pretty interesting, and you're all probably wondering if the nuns at my school smoke or if any of the girls do, and neither do not. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Love this one from the 50's. This and the next picture are actually taken at a convent.

Love the 50's styles of dresses and the fabric prints. And I love the big floppy hat; finishes off the whole outfit :)

We had a study, so I looked up "cool fashion designs" on google to see what would come up, and found these marvelous pictures:
Japanese Label "Everlasting Sprout". I love all the colors and the different textures used in these creations.


Swahili fashion Week in Dar es Salaam

This nail art reminds me of Tibetan mandalas.

Ron Sombilon Photos.

Well, I hoped these crisp photos inspired you! I know they inspired me :)
Ta ta for now!
<3 Nora

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  1. I love the b&w pics in this post. Nice choice for your header.