Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Everlasting Sprout, AKA my new love

Japanese fashion designers Keiichi Muramatsu and Noriko Seki, both born in 1981, graduated from Tokyo’s famed Bunka Fukusou Gakuin where they took the Knit Design Course. Seki went to work as a freelance designer in Tokyo, while Muramatsu sought his way abroad as an assistant designer at the yarn company Lineapiu Group in Florence, Italy.

In 2005, the two founded the Tokyo based label everlasting sprout. They presented their first collection at Japan Fashion Week S/S 2005.

The two designers create very difficult knitwear and also work as costume designers and knitwear consultants. Mass-producing knitwear is notoriously difficult. This makes everlasting sprout creations extremely unique. They go as far as spending a week on a single garment.


I love the knitwear and the textured look it has. Their use of different fabrics for it is brilliant. I'm wondering if they sell patterns because I knit and I'd love to recreate something of theirs for myself! I really want to recreate an outfit of there's... gonna have to go search through all of my mom's old sweaters...

<3 Nora

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  1. these are awesome! cool blog, keep em comin. i love the inspiration pics you find.